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How Can I Change the Default Greeting?

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You can exchange our default Greeting for another greeting in one of three ways:

  1. To use an alternative greeting we provide: (1) click its name in the applicable table shown here to download it to your PC, (2) upload it in the Greetings tab, (3) associate it with a Service Code in the Service Codes tab.

  2. To record your own Greeting, you can use free software like Audacity, and then you can upload the results to the Greetings tab as a WAV or MP3 file. If you record your Greeting on your phone, convert the file to .WAV or MP3 with this tool.1 

  3. To outsource recording your own greeting, email your script to and for a flat, one-time fee of $350 for the first minute and $150 per additional minute, we’ll record your Greeting in our professional sound booth to match the voice and quality of our other hotline audio. 

1. Technical note: to ensure compatibility with the public telephone system, our servers convert all uploaded audio to 8-bit PCM mono audio encoded with the μ-law algorithm and sampled at 8Khz. Bandwidth in this format is limited to 300Hz – 8Khz, so your audio may sound “tinny” or “scratchy” when played over the phone. While it is not necessary, if you upload your audio in this format, you can retain the most control over the final sound. Before converting, it can help to roll off frequencies under 200hz to remove room noise and to emphasize 2-3Khz to improve intelligibility before normalizing and converting or uploading your audio. If this sounds like a headache, consider our professional voiceover services.  

Table of Contents