While we are based exclusively in the United States, store all of the data we process in the United States and do not intentionally collect data of EU citizens, certain of our business clients are based in the EU. These clients are subject to the GDPR and may desire to enter into a controller to processor data processing agreement with us. 

Data Processors
The following are the data processors that we employ to assist us with providing our service. This list is limited to processors that have access to the personal data of consumers who access the services we provide to our business clients.

Amazon Web Services Inc.Cloud storage22-Dec-2019United States
Google LLCE-mail, storage22-Dec-2019United States
Heroku, Inc.Application and database server22-Dec-2019United States
Mailgun Technologies, Inc.E-mail service provider25-May-2020United States
SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC (PaperTrail)Application logging22-Dec-2019United States
Twilio Inc. and/or Twilio UK LimitedTelephony interface22-Dec-2019United States

Data Processing Agreement

If you are subject to the GDPR and require a Data Processing Agreement, you may find Privacy Toll Free, LLC’s pre-signed DPA here. To enter into this DPA, please complete your contact information on page 4, sign the document on page 4, and email the fully executed DPA to with the subject line “Signed DPA.”