About Us

We launched CCPA Toll Free in 2019 as the first service offering under our Privacy Toll Free umbrella to provide businesses with access to privacy hotlines. You need a toll free number? That’s what we’re here for.

Executive Team
A small team with big impact is how we like it.
Marc H. Mandel

Marc H. Mandel


A General Counsel takes a dip in side-hustle entrepreneurship.

Julian Salama

Julian Salama

Co-Founder & CTO

A 10X dev as a one-man band making compliance rock.

Karen Lerner

Karen Lerner


It isn’t wholesome unless it’s organic.


We enable businesses to establish consumer privacy hotlines via access to our 866-I-OPT-OUT toll-free service. Our service allows businesses to establish a new channel for consumers to request information and register their privacy preferences. Toll-free privacy hotlines are rapidly becoming a best practice for U.S. businesses that collect personal information as a result of a series of new bills and laws addressing consumer privacy rights.

What People Say

To all of our customers, we appreciate your feedback and endorsements. It’s what motivates us to keep improving.

"CCPA Toll Free lets me demonstrate the most visible sign of CCPA compliance— exactly the right place to start if you are looking for a simple CCPA tool."- Joe Kozel, iClosings Direct
"I heard about CCPA and knew I needed software to help. I found CCPA Toll Free and was up and running with my compliance in minutes."- DeVon Harris, Ossum.tv
"CCPA has been on my list all year. Adding one link in my privacy policy to CCPA Toll Free was all it took to launch my compliance."- William Hogben, FutureProof Retail