CCPA Webform Tool

Webform is the preferred method for consumers to contact you
with privacy requests

Your first tool for collecting CCPA requests should be an interactive webform containing all the information a consumer needs to submit a privacy request and to initialize your privacy workflow for fulfilling the request. See a webform live demo. CCPA Toll Free’s webform is modern, accessible and responsive. There are two ways to implement it:

privacy manager tool illustration

CCPA Webform

1. Self-Hosted Option
Web-based privacy request form—live demo here. Use this form to accept consumer privacy requests. The responsive design looks great on desktop and mobile devices. Click here to learn more.

2. CCPA Hosted Option
Let us host it for you. We’ll make the CCPA webform available at for you to link to from your homepage footer, privacy policy or anywhere else you desire. Use our reliable hosting option at no additional cost to you.

Do Not Sell My Info
If you need “Do Not Sell My Personal Information” functionality, whether you host the form or we do, you can link to the form from your homepage footer to meet this CCPA requirement.

Button Options
Prefer to have a button to collect consumer privacy requests? It’s as easy as:

Our CCPA compliance form is fully customizable:

  • Customize it for your brand by uploading a logo when you click Edit on our Hosted Webforms page.
  • You can override the style of the form to make it look like your surrounding content.
  • To customize the functionality of the form, e.g., to add, remove or customize menu choices or other form text, send your request to
  • Ask us about a pre-set form package for your industry — ad tech, apparel, hospitality and more