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What is the CCPA Toll Free Default Greeting?

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CCPA includes a default Greeting in the Greetings tab designed to cover a wide range of business models. Using it will help you set up your privacy hotline quickly, and it will be active for each of your Service Codes until you associate a different Greeting with them. You can read and download a copy of the default greeting by navigating to the help topic, “What Greetings do you Provide?” 

Our default Greeting is specific to California and the CCPA. If you want to provide consumers in all states with the same privacy rights as Californians, you can either record your own CCPA-agnostic greeting or use one of the alternative greetings that we provide. 

Please consult with your attorney to determine if any particular Greeting created by you or us meets your compliance needs. CCPA Toll Free does not provide legal advice.  

Table of Contents