CCPA Solutions for Print Media

Solution for automating magazine and catalog subscriber privacy requests

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Would you like to provide your print publication subscribers with an easy CCPA compliance solution for accessing change of address, service suspension and privacy requests? Or perhaps you manage a mail order catalog and prefer not to use call centers to process catalog opt outs or CCPA privacy rights requests? If so look for our turn-key answer to the CCPA requirements.

With CCPA Toll Free’s QR code solution for print media, you can bridge the gap between your print publication and an online portal for consumers to access privacy and other preferences. Simply include a QR code on the cover of your publication alongside your key code or other subscriber identifier, and when consumers point their camera phone at the QR code, it will deliver them directly to your web form / preference portal. Try it by scanning the code to the right.

We can host the form for you as shown in this example, or you can embed it in your privacy policy or at another URL such as Subscribers can either use the QR code or type in your URL and enter their unique identifier to submit requests.

For an advanced integration, you can print a serialized QR code unique per subscriber that, when scanned, transports the subscriber to a request form already populated with their name, account number, catalog code, key code or other identity information—all the subscriber needs to do is enter their request and click submit.

newsletter example with qr code

Once a subscriber clicks submit, we can alert you via email if you desire, and we’ll add the request to a queue for processing. Moreover, using our webhooks and API integrations, we can integrate our solution with your existing methods of processing subscriber requests in order to trigger automated processing.

If you are interested in working with CCPA Toll Free to bring custom print-to-portal solutions to your publication, contact