CCPA Solutions for Mobile App Developers

In-App Privacy Manager makes CCPA Solution Simple on iOS and Android

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As a mobile app developer, you face unique privacy challenges. Whether you are developing for iOS, Android or Unity, your users have privacy rights under the CCPA that you must address. These include the right of your users to ask you for a copy of the personal information you hold about them, to ask you to delete it, and to ask you to stop selling it.

These rights apply even where you have limited or no registration data, and even if you collect only “anonymous” personal information such as IP addresses or UUIDs.

Popular mobile analytics SDKs such as Crashlytics, Snowplow and Bugsnag are useful in debugging and improving your app’s performance, and the good news is that all of these use cases are compatible with the CCPA. Indeed, they may even provide you with a “get out of jail free” card if an end user asks you to delete their data—the CCPA grants app developers and other business broad rights to deny consumer / user requests to delete data. However, you still face a compliance burden when a consumer asks you to provide them with a copy of their data. Do you have an easy way to manage CCPA requests for your app?

If asked to demonstrate CCPA compliance, do you have an affordable, ready-made solution to help you do so? That’s where CCPA Toll Free can help starting at $29 per month:

Follow best practices by making privacy requests accessible from within your app via a modern, customizable and accessible interactive webform that can be invoked via Webkit or Blink:

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  • For registered users, pre-populate their email address in the webform to reduce errors and make submissions more convenient.
  • For unregistered users, pre-populate in the webform the user’s mobile device ID (MAID)—either Apple’s IDFA or Google’s GAID—to identify anonymous app users and avoid their having to use a multi-step process involving third party resources to uncover these identifiers.
  • For all users, CCPA Toll Free offers a toll-free number as a backup request method to ensure maximum access to privacy preferences.
  • Gather privacy requests from all sources in a single dashboard that automatically calculates deadlines and alerts you via email to respond to requests on time.
  • Generate an audit trail of your compliance actions with no additional effort, and keep explicit compliance notes within the dashboard, so you have everything documented in one place. This greatly reduces stress if a regulator or attorney were ever to ask you to prove what steps you took for CCPA compliance.