CCPA Compliance Solutions

Our CCPA compliance solution and Industry specific solutions.

Are you an IT manager or a legal professional looking for an automated software solution for CCPA? Watch the video below to learn how to implement our privacy request manager: an interactive webform plus a toll-free number for CCPA to accept privacy requests for your website privacy policy. Meet the CCPA deadlines with our automated alerts for responding to consumer requests. Watch this quick setup video to understand how simple it is to implement our solution: we can host a form and toll free number for you, and all you need to do is link to it in your privacy policy and then access your dashboard when we send you an email alert. For advanced implementation options, you can also follow our integration guidelines by clicking Help in the Service Codes tab of the dashboard.

Publish our CCPA Compliance Solution in under 10 minutes! No Code required.


If you need an automated privacy workflow, you can implement our webhooks by following the developer documentation here. Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions or would like to share your use-case. We also implement custom API for customers to push the data to your endpoint. Here’s a workflow for clients who receive a high volume of privacy requests: when you receive a privacy request, create a record in your database by following the privacy_request.received event. When you mark requests as acknowledged, trigger a job to delete/request/opt-out the data from your database. With CCPA Toll Free webhooks, you can easily review logs from all webhooks, and retry them at your convenience.

webhooks dashboard

Webhooks Dashboard Screenshot

Learn more about webhooks if you need to customize your workflow by emailing us at

If you need customizations, contact and we can work with you on your implementation. For example, we can easily host a different webform for you that works for your industry (e.g., clients in the advertising industry who require users to  submit a GAID, IDFA or other MAID via our privacy request form). You can also learn more about our print media solution here and our mobile app solution here.