CCPA Compliance Tools

Checkout our CCPA tools to check
the box on your compliance

CCPA Toll Free is the value leader in the privacy management industry. We offer simple tools for businesses to manage privacy compliance, and we price them fairly and transparently.

Our tools stand on their own—as long as you have a website and an email address, you can use them without any additional components. Advanced users can build automated privacy workflows using webhooks or our Zapier integration. If you prefer to connect CCPA Toll Free to an API for privacy management, just email and we’ll show you how.

Webform CCPA Tool

Web-based privacy request form—live demo here. Use this form to accept consumer privacy requests. The responsive design looks great on desktop and mobile devices. Click here to learn more.

Toll Free Number for CCPA

Toll-free number—for a demo, call 1-866-I-OPT-OUT (1-866-467-8688) and enter Service Code 924#. Use this 800 number for CCPA to accept consumer privacy requests. Click here to learn more.

CCPA Compliance dashboard

Start a free trial for a demo. We register all consumer privacy requests and their deadlines in a secure portal so you can manage CCPA requests in one place. Click here to learn more.

CCPA Smart Alerts

You’re busy growing your business, so with our smart alerts, there’s no need to check another dashboard. We’ll email you whenever you have a request. Try alerts here or click here to learn more.

Implementing our privacy tools couldn’t be easier—you can get started in under 15 minutes. As soon as you sign up, we provision access to our hosted webforms and toll-free number. Email alerts are automatically enabled for your privacy tracker dashboard when you create your account.

Since our CCPA webform contains both the 800 number and interactive form, in under 10 minutes you can update your privacy policy to include a link to the webform we host for you at to complete your privacy request solution.