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What are Service Codes and Greetings?

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Consumers interact with your privacy hotline by calling 866-I-OPT-OUT and entering a Service Code provided to you in the Service Codes tab of our dashboard. If you selected a dedicated toll-free number, consumers will call the number shown in the Dedicated Number tab of the dashboard and will enter the Menu Option for Dedicated Number shown in the Service Codes tab of our dashboard. In the remainder of this documentation, whenever we refer to Service Codes, this also includes Menu Options for clients using a dedicated toll-free number. 

Each Service Code represents a unique voicemail box where consumers can leave a message registering their privacy preferences. If you’re a Medium or Enterprise client, you can create multiple Service Codes, which can be helpful if you have multiple business lines (e.g., multiple websites with unique privacy policies). In this case, use different Service Codes either to provide different instructions on the hotline to consumers interacting with your different business lines, or to segment consumer requests so that different employees can respond to them. 

When a consumer enters a Service Code, they’ll hear one of your Greetings accessible to you in the Greetings tab. You can store multiple Greetings, although each Service Code can only be associated with one Greeting at a time.

Table of Contents