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What Happens When a Consumer Calls my Shared Privacy Hotline (866-I-OPT-OUT)?

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When a consumer calls your 866-I-OPT-OUT hotline, they will connect to our interactive voice response (IVR) system. The IVR first thanks the consumer for calling and then prompts for a Service Code. After the consumer enters a valid Service Code, the IVR provides the option to hear instructions or to proceed directly to leaving their privacy request message. Consumers can hang up to send a recorded message or press # to re-record their message. 

If a consumer fails to provide input after 30 seconds in a response to any prompt, the IVR will end the call with, “We did not receive any input. Please call back if you need more time.” If a consumer leaves a voice message longer than six minutes, the IVR will end the call with, “Your message may not exceed six minutes. We have sent your message and you may call back if you need to continue recording it. Thank you and goodbye.” 

By default, only your Greeting is customizable. If you would like to customize additional aspects of your hotline, we are available to consult with you. Email to request a quote for our professional services. In addition to customizing the IVR flow, we can provide custom integrations that take action in response to consumer requests. For example, you may wish to remove a consumer’s CRM data or send a consumer a copy of their transaction data in response to IVR prompts.

Table of Contents