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How can I Reduce Spam calls?

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If you wish to reduce the number of calls you receive that do not pertain to privacy requests, activate our “Dedicated Number Spam Trap” for one of your services codes. Spam Trap is only available for clients using a dedicated toll-free number. When a consumer calls your dedicated number and enters the menu option corresponding to the service code for which you have enabled Spam Trap, the hotline will not accept a message and instead will disconnect the line after playing the greeting. This is appropriate when set up as follows:

  1. Request a dedicated number if you don’t have one already. You can do this by clicking the Request Dedicated Number button in the Dedicated Number tab.

  2. Check the third (bottom) configuration checkbox for your dedicated number. Do this in the Dedicated Number tab. With this configuration, when a consumer calls your dedicated number, they will hear the special “Menu Greeting” that you must upload at the bottom of the Dedicated Number tab, not in the Greetings tab.  Your Menu Greeting should invite callers to enter a Menu Option. E.g., “To obtain a copy of your information, press 1. To instruct us to delete your information, press 2. To instruct us not to sell your information, press 3. For all other matters, press 0.” You can provide up to 10 Menu Options (0–9) by default, with more available upon request.

  3. Record and upload your greetings. Next, use the Greetings tab to upload a new greeting corresponding to each of the menu options you created in Step 2. For hints on recording greetings, see here. Following the example above, your greeting for Menu Option 1 would explain CCPA’s information access right and any information you need from the caller to facilitate such a request, and so on for Menu Options 2 and 3. The key to Spam Trap is Menu Option 0—this greeting should inform consumers that the hotline is only for privacy requests, and for any other inquiries, they should email or access the support section of your website.

  4. Create your Service Codes, and enable Spam Trap. Use the Service Codes tab to create one Service Code for each of your menu options (or you can reuse existing Service Codes). Click Edit for each Service Code to set its corresponding Menu Option and to associate the correct greeting with it. For the Service Code that you are designating as Menu Option 0, check the box for “Dedicated Number Spam Trap” to cause the hotline to disconnect after it plays the Spam Trap greeting.

That’s it! Now your hotline will accept privacy requests, and will disconnect the line for other requests. If you would like help with setting up your Spam Trap, just email and we will be happy to assist you.

Table of Contents