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Can I Customize the Interactive Web Form?

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Yes, for all cases where you have embedded it in your privacy policy. All of the attributes of our form have assigned IDs that you can address with additional javascript to override our defaults by adding <style> or <script> tags to the <head> of your webpage. We provide sample customizations below, and if you’re a WordPress user, we recommend adding these customizations to your page with Header Footer Code Manager.  

1. Removing choices from the “I am a” dropdown.

Add the code below to the header of the applicable page. Be sure to delete the lines for the dropdown choices you want to keep (as written below, this will remove all the drop down choices).

#ccpa_form #ccpa_requester_type option[value="Vendor"],
#ccpa_form #ccpa_requester_type option[value="Customer"],
#ccpa_form #ccpa_requester_type option[value="Employee"],
#ccpa_form #ccpa_requester_type option[value="Ad/Email Recipient"],
#ccpa_form #ccpa_requester_type option[value="Job Applicant"] {
display: none!important;

2. Changing the choice labels in the “I am a” dropdown.

Add the code below to the header of the applicable page.

Change “Add Text Here” to desired value for new option.

If you would also like to remove any options, delete // from the start of the line with the option(s) you would like to remove.

/* To add a new option, replace Add Text Here with your desired text (do not remove quotes) */

var newText = 'Add Text Here';
var requesterItem, opt, customer, employee, jobApplicant, vendor, adEmailRecipient, other;


/* To delete any default option, remove // from the start of the corresponding line below */
// requesterItem.removeChild(customer);
// requesterItem.removeChild(employee);
// requesterItem.removeChild(jobApplicant);
// requesterItem.removeChild(vendor);
// requesterItem.removeChild(adEmailRecipient);
// requesterItem.removeChild(other);
}, 3000);

function createNewElement() {
opt.appendChild( document.createTextNode(newText) );
opt.value = newText;

function getElements() {
requesterItem = document.querySelector('#ccpa_requester_type');
opt = document.createElement('option');
customer = document.querySelector("option[value='Customer']");
employee = document.querySelector("option[value='Employee']");
jobApplicant = document.querySelector("option[value='Job Applicant']");
vendor = document.querySelector("option[value='Vendor']");
adEmailRecipient = document.querySelector("option[value='Ad/Email Recipient']");
other = document.querySelector("#ccpa_requester_type option[value='Other']");

3. Remove the checkbox for “Do not sell my personal information (if applicable)”

#ccpatollfree #ccpa_form tr:nth-child(7) {
    display: none!important;

4. Looking for additional modifications?


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