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What do I do When I Receive a Privacy Request?

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Processing a privacy request requires it to be:

(1) Acknowledged

(2) Completion Deadline Extended (optional)

(3) Consumer ID Verified (required, other than for Do Not Sell requests)

(4) Completed / Fulfilled.

The Privacy Requests Tab in the CCPA Toll Free dashboard provide checkboxes for each of these steps that you can check to update and track the status of each request as it flows through these steps:

As you check or uncheck each of the boxes, we log the date, time, request ID and user who took each of these actions in the Audit Trail to help you document your compliance. An audit trail entry to mark a request as completed looked like this:

Note you can see the unique request ID for each privacy request in the details screen for the request (accessible by clicking the details icon shown above in the Privacy Requests Tab). For details about how to use your dashboard to follow the four steps to completing a privacy request, see the next help section.

Table of Contents