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How do I Include my Phone Number on my Website?

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If you use our interactive web form, then we will automatically publish your phone number (privacy hotline) and service code underneath the web form.  

If you are not using the interactive web form, simply update your privacy policy text to include your privacy hotline and Service Code. For example, you may do so as follows:

California residents may exercise their privacy rights by calling us toll free at 1-866-I-OPT-OUT (1-866-467-8688) and entering service code 8# to leave us a message. 866-I-OPT-OUT is a service of

Of course, substitute 8# in the example above for the Service Code found in the Service Code tab of your dashboard followed by the pound sign. While you are not required to provide attribution to CCPA Toll Free, if you enjoy using our services, we greatly appreciate your helping to spread the word. 

Table of Contents