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Can CCPA Toll Free Host my Interactive Web Form?

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We can host your webform in a few simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Hosted Webforms tab in the dashboard.

  2. For each Service Code for which you would like a hosted web form, click Edit and add your homepage URL, privacy policy URL and a logo. 

    Note for dedicated toll-free number users only: check the box on the Edit screen  if you want the webform to instruct callers to enter the Menu Option that corresponds to your Service Code after they call. Otherwise the web form will invite callers to call the number only without referring to a Menu Option

  3. Click Save to return to the Hosted Webforms tab and then check the “Host Webform” box.

  4. Click the “URL of Webform” shown to confirm it’s active — now all you need to do it link to it from your privacy policy and from any Do Not Sell My Personal Information link in your homepage footer.
Table of Contents