CCPA Toll Free Integrations

A list of software integrations to display form and toll-free number

You can always let us host your ccpa webform and toll free number and just link to that page. That is the simplest way to get started. However, if you wish to embed the form and toll free number in an existing page, head over to the Integration Help in your Service Codes Tab. In this page, you will find two HTML tags: a script tag and a div tag. You will need those two tags in order to embed our form. Please reach out to us if you have any trouble. & CCPA Toll Free

Integrating CCPA Toll Free with – a leader in no-code development – is easy. Install our plugin in your app. Then enter the Service code found our CCPA Toll Free dashboard. Finally, look for the element “CCPA Form” on your bubble app, and drag and drop it to the canvas.

If you wish to not use our plugin, just add an HTML custom tag, and copy and paste the div tag and script tag that you can find on your CCPA Toll Free Dashboard Service Codes tab > Integration Help. You will display the form and toll-free number. Remember to request to whitelist the domain in order to display the form properly.

WordPress & CCPA Toll Free

We created a plugin available here on the WordPress plugins store. Integrating is as easy as installing it, and entering the Privacy Hotline WP Code found in the Service Codes tab > Integration Help. You can always also just add the script to the header tag, and div to the body where you need to display the custom html. Remember to request to whitelist the domain in order to display the form properly.

Webflow & CCPA Toll Free

Webflow is an intuitive drag and drop software to build custom websites. They include many integrations available in their university. In order to display a toll-free number and webform for CCPA, just head over to the components section and select the Embed Code item. Then copy and paste both the div and the script tags following the integration help here. & CCPA Toll Free

Wix is a simple custom website builder. It has many templates to chose from and a simpler user experience to edit and publish websites. In order to add the CCPA Toll Free form, go to settings. Under Advanced Settings, click + Add Custom Code and add the script tag only in the Head. Select the page where you would like this script tag to show up. Then, you will need to create a custom element by copy pasting the CCPA Toll Free div. See this example below. Finally use this custom element in the page where you added the script tag.

class CCPATollFreeForm extends HTMLElement {
  connectedCallback() {
    // replace the div with the div from your dashboard.
    this.innerHTML = '<div id="ccpatollfree" data="REPLACE THE SERVICE CODE HERE" showform="true" wp="false" ve="2"></div>';
customElements.define('ccpa-form', CCPATollFreeForm);

The simplest of all integrations remains for us to host the webform and toll-free number for you. In that case, head over to the Hosted Webforms tab > activate ‘Host Webform’ and copy and paste that link in your WordPress website.

We are continuously adding more platforms that we integrate with. Feel free to reach out to us at to send us feedback. And for more information about CCPA Compliance Software, checkout this post.

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