CCPA Compliance Software

Software Packages Used in CCPA Workflows

A typical CCPA workflow includes various software tools to receive requests, to verify a consumer’s identity, and to fulfill privacy requests. In order to receive requests, companies must publish a webform and a toll free number in their privacy policies. The software that helps companies accept requests is called a privacy request manager, and privacy request managers may also help verify and fulfill privacy requests.  

Companies can use multiple technologies to verify requests, depending on the type of personal information they hold. For instance, some companies require only that a consumer making a request verifies their email address, while other companies require a login to their system. Finally, some technology helps companies find where they store personal data in order to process requests. This software is referred to as automated data mapping. 

Privacy Requests Manager Software

TrusArc and CCPA Toll Free are examples of companies that provide a privacy request manager that helps companies accept requests and automate verifying them. At CCPA Toll Free, first, we help you publish a webform and toll-free number for your business to accept privacy requests from your customers. Second, when a request arrives, CCPA Toll free alerts you and displays request information in a secure privacy request management dashboard, allowing your team to track all the requests you received in one place. Third, we help you verify consumer requests.

Privacy Requests Validator Software

CCPA Toll Free offers a simple technology to validate consumer emails. It automatically emails the consumer asking them to confirm their identity and that their request is genuine. This works by emailing the consumer a link containing a special token in it. Other CCPA software vendors such as Evident and BigID offer driver’s license validation as a method of verifying consumers. There are two ways of validating driver licenses: an automated way, and manual way. The automated way uses technology that asks a consumer to send a selfie along with a copy of their ID and confirming that the pictures match to some degree. The manual way may use customer service agents to review the information on the ID and compare it to company records. 

Finding Personal Data

Finding personal data is an essential privacy function, both to write an effective privacy policy and to process privacy requests. Most companies perform this “data mapping” function manually, by sending surveys to their internal data stakeholders, asking them what data they store and where. More recently, companies are beginning to use automated tools for data mapping. Ethyca and are examples of privacy-focused companies that provide strong data discovery tools. There are also more general purpose tools such as that can be used to discover data within an organization.

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CCPA Compliance Software