Developer Intern

About Us:

In 2020, businesses operate with unprecedented access to personal data. While this enables great conveniences for consumers, it may also infringe their personal privacy, underscoring that privacy is both an important personal freedom and a challenge for businesses to navigate. New privacy laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) grant consumers privacy rights such as the right to require businesses to delete or provide them a copy of their data. 

At CCPA Toll Free, we believe businesses can practice responsible data use that still delivers value for consumers, and we provide simple SaaS tools that enable them to achieve this goal. The CCPA only became the law in January 2020, and already leading brands like 7/11, Hewlett Packard and J. Crew trust us to help them navigate privacy challenges. We are looking for a reliable Developer Intern to help expand our early lead in the privacy industry by capturing many more of the estimated 500,000 businesses that need to comply with the CCPA.

About You:

  • Dedicated to learning new things and attempting to solve problems on your own
  • Completed classes or projects in javascript or any other language
  • Hungry to learn, humble, and always giving your all to produce quality work
  • Comfortable working 100% remotely and reporting directly to our CTO Julian Salama.


  • Master front-end skills enhancing our a React.js app with vanilla JS, and HTML and CSS
  • Contribute to our backend Ruby on Rails app and Postgres database when ready
  • Learn the dynamics of team programming and operating in a production environment

To Apply (3 Steps):

What Else Should I know?

  • As a lean company, we are selective in our work—every project is critical to our success
  • Your code is important to that success and will be visible to brands and consumers
  • We will mentor you in understanding our architecture, coding principles and more 
  • We pay minimum wage or $10/hr if greater, or we will help you obtain school credit
  • Both founders have a track record building successful startups that have been acquired

We are an equal opportunity employer and hire without regard to race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender ID, national origin, veteran, disability or any other status protected by law.