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1. Webhooks Introduction

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Welcome to the first step for software developers to extend the functionality of CCPA Toll Free. Most use-cases for using webhooks is to automate processing requests, or integrate into your own ticketing system. However, please reach out to us if you have a different use-case you would like to share.

Webhooks from your privacy manager allows you to receive data from your privacy requests in real time and securely. We only support webhook HTTPS URL. Our webhooks are triggered based on events happening in our system. For instance, a privacy_request.received sends all data about the privacy request that’s available at that time when you receive a privacy request.

Each event always include the latest state of the object you are about to receive – even under retry. The only state we send once is the mp3 bytes of the voicemail recording. We are not maintaining a list of changes, rather we order every events in the system and send all the data available. It’s safe to use the signature timestamp as your means to order the object states. You should keep that signature timestamp to safeguard against older events. If you replay an older event, we will fetch the latest state of the object, and the signature timestamp will be the time now, so you are safe to update your record.

Note that we are in the process of building a full API, and you may reach out to us if you wish to disclose your use-case. All http requests are multipart due to the nature of CCPA privacy request.

Table of Contents