California Consumer Privacy Protection Act of 2018

The Law

The CCPA gives California consumers new privacy rights such as the right to know what data businesses collect about them, to obtain a copy of that data, to request that it be deleted and to request that it not be sold. Here’s the official statute and the statute in a Google document where you can ask and answer questions.

How CCPA Toll Free Helps

The CCPA generally requires businesses subject to the law to (1) establish a toll-free number (a privacy hotline) and (2) to provide a Do Not Sell My Personal Information link / interactive web form, in each case to enable consumers to register their privacy preferences . We simplify compliance with this aspect of the law.

Looking for CCPA Resources?

If you’re looking for legal advice or to connect with other services providers we recommend, see our CCPA resources page.

Follow Privacy Best Practices — In No Time!

Did you know more than ten states have bills pending that endorse or require toll-free hotlines and elements of the CCPA? There is no reason to limit your privacy hotline and privacy request manager web for to California consumers. Offer it to everyone before it’s required and differentiate your business as a privacy a leader. You can set up your hotline and interactive web form in minutes.

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What Rights Does CCPA Give to Consumers?

CCPA provides consumers with four core rights.